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Bachelorette party game: Quiz the bride with questions about the groom (that he provides!): for each answer wrong, she takes a shot. for each answer right, she hands one out.

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Father of the Bride Parents Thank You Gift Personalized Picture Frame 16x16 Mother of the Bride Parents of Wedding Gift Custom Frames

Father of the bride gift--not necessarily a picture frame, but I love this wording. Something for my dads? I think yes

The maid of honor could put this together. Have the mother of the bride, mother in law, bridesmaids, and friends of the bride write letters to the bride, then put them in a book so she can read them while getting ready the day of. The last page can be a letter from the groom. I hope my bridesmaids are this awesome

Bachelorette Party Game: The Fiance Quiz. Ask the groom these questions and video tape his answers. Asks the bride what she thinks her grooms answers would be to these questions and play the video of his answers after each response. For every question she gets wrong she has to eat a piece of bazooka gum and take a shot of liquor. Hilarious and a great way to get the bride sloshed!

bachelorette party game: quiz the bride with questions about the groom (that he provides). for each answer wrong, she takes a shot. for each answer right, she hands one out. Need to do this at my bachelorette party! This could be fun :)

Bachelorette party games, ranging from “We can play this with Grandma!” to “I’ll kill you if you put these pictures on Facebook."

Switch the Shoes The Bride and Groom each give the other one of their shoes and then stand back to back in front of the guests. The MC or DJ then asks funny what-ifs to the couple like “Who will take out the garbage without being asked”. The Bride and Groom then hold up the shoe for the one of them that they think fits the bill. Everyone gets a kick out of how the couple answers the questions.

So sweet and Something different: the groom wears a key on his boutonniere and the bride has the lock to it on her bouquet.

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Sonntagshäppchen: Eine Idee für's stille Örtchen

Hang childhood photos of bride and groom on the doors to the restrooms. Cute!

Roses from a bride's bouquet cooking down to make into beads. From those beads You will make a necklace. This way her wedding flowers will last forever!! This is pretty cool!