Fitzroy Island in Tropical North Queensland, Australia

Laucala Island, Fiji

A Rock In A Hard Place - Kjerag Mountains, Norway. - Imgur Love how they’re feigning “casual.” Dicey!

Lord Howe Island, Australia

Places to see

Bora Bora Islands. It's a beautiful island, a paradisiacal island. I always said I want to go in there. I would love to. The hotels looks great,especially the beach! This is the ideal place to wake up at the morning!

The Blue Lagoon, Ecuador

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Perth, Australia.

There is no place as beautiful as Hawaii... #IwishIwasthere

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An aerial view of Australia's Lord Howe Island, a two-hour flight from Sydney. (From: Photos: 12 Best Places You've Never Heard Of)

some places are just perfect... greece (mykonos)

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Easter Island - 9 places to see before you die: