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wall mounted shoe rack

YAY for pallet projects! YAY for shoes! YAY for simple! YAY for green, recycle, upcycle ... dumpster diving and trash finds! How simple is this, don't even need plans, just build it to suit your preference. Stain it if you like, paint it or lieave it. Great for out on the porch, in the mud room, the entry way, laundry room, or in the closet... but cute enough for a child's room too. FREE ALERT!

I enjoy apartment therapy thoroughly. Space saving tips for everyone like me who has to fit in 700 sqft or less! Always wanted to know how to do those scale drawings..and YES to the shoe rack. Now I have my regular rack in the closet and my everyday shoes will be close to the door :) Just waiting to move to implement.

I love the things you can do with wood pallets. The possibilities are endless!

I can only find these on UK sites (and for far too much moolah!). Anyone have a creative idea for how I can make my own?? We take our shoes off at the front door, and our little man won't leave them alone. ;) Need an attractive solution!

awesome: a couple of shoeboxes, a bit of wood, glue and colour - stylish and handy!

I was looking for an over door shoe rack and came across this - completely useless for me but cool nonetheless.

Clear up entryway clutter with a simple coat and hat rack that you can build in about an hour. Use the types of hooks that fit the items you want to hang.

Handmade Reclaimed Wood Shoe Stand with Pipe Stand by ReformedWood