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Cheetah Running - by Cincinnati Zoo. Cheetahs, the fastest land mammals in the world, are built for speed. They can reach running speeds of up to 70 mph, and they can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in three seconds — faster than most cars. A single bound can cover 22 feet, thanks to a flexible spine that lets their front legs extend extra far.

Paint with beautiful mane! Of all God's creatures I believe these are his best work!

The Velvet Muzzle - Horse Decor & More! Signs inspired by the horses we love! www.thevelvetmuzz...

Name: Norwegian Dream Breed: Arabian Color: Light Gray Gender: Stallion age: 9 years Height: 15.1 HH

I will probably always have that horse obsession from childhood...its just dormant right now due to the inability to have a horse in college...

This beautiful pinto stallion lives in the McCullough Peaks Herd area in northern Wyoming. Here he is rearing up as he spars with another stallion that he is very familiar with - they are not seriously fighting.