make a cardboard tree trunk

Driftwood wall sconce

Cardboard cube money box

An apple a day...

stones and wire tree

3D flowers

How to DIY Decorative Tree from Old Newspaper | Like Us on Facebook ==>

DIY castle lights

Barkboard Rustic Chalkboard. . . wonder if you could make this yourself with chalkboard paint on a well-sanded surface of a slice of log?

DIY Cardboard Child Chair

To-go box Art!!!! Too bad I cant draw..

Make your own mosaic tiles in any color- with wood glue, paint, and plaster, using a rubber car mat as a mold!

awesome cardboard hat; maybe R will have an alice in wonderland party!

Neat Storage Idea

diy scrapbook paper branches JUST IN CASE U MISSED IT FIRST GO ROUND

crepe paper roses

cardboard loom

How to Make Natural Branch Coasters (via Garden Therapy)

Birds for the wall