Melted Crayon Canvas. Great for sogns for kids' names or shapes!

Melted Crayons hot glued on stretched Canvas. Use a heat gun to melt them. (skip the heart stencil in the middle as I like it better without).

Hand prints. that's a fun way to do it

Heart melted crayon art- maybe put a verse about love inside the heart

Crayon Art. this one is really cool

Handprint Flamingo on canvas; great idea for a Valentine's day gift for the parents.

another craft that uses melted crayons

Tape off a canvas and let your kids paint away then gently remove the tape, seal it and you have awesome artwork to cherish forever!

Crayon melt

Come Together Kids: Melted Crayon Canvas

Tape resist painting- a fun project for kids

Melt down crayon pieces and pour into glue stick containers to harden. Big crayons that can be rolled up as they are used. SO CUTE

Melted Crayon Art

How to Make Fantastic Melted Crayon Art

Melted Crayon Art Tutorial/Blog Post

Awesome Melted Crayon Art Projects


DIY crayon candle00*2 boxes of crayons (I didn’t use the browns, grays, or blacks) *mason jar (I pictured two thinking I had enough crayons for both but didn’t) *Waxed wick (found that at Hobby Lobby) **Preheat oven to 200 degrees.** Make sure and pack the crayons in so you leave as little open space as possible. This really isn’t that important if you don’t plan to melt the crayons

Melted Crayon Art Project

Melted Crayon Art with Switches