Melted Crayon Canvas. Great for sogns for kids' names or shapes!

Melted Crayons hot glued on stretched Canvas. Use a heat gun to melt them. (skip the heart stencil in the middle as I like it better without).

Melting beads for placemats

Hand prints. that's a fun way to do it

Heart melted crayon art- maybe put a verse about love inside the heart

Totally rocked the crayola melting art!

Crayon Art. this one is really cool

Make your own crayons and other ideas

Sticking the crayons on to a cardboard instead of the canvas so the crayons are not shown in the final product // City Girl Meets Country Boy: Crayon Canvas Craze

DIY art idea: use the melted crayon technique

Come Together Kids: Melted Crayon Canvas

Handprint Flamingo on canvas; great idea for a Valentine's day gift for the parents.

another craft that uses melted crayons

Melted Crayon Art! So much FUN to create! Some great ideas for projects too!

I did this today - melt broken crayons in oven on 275 for 7-8 minutes - makes "funky chunky" crayons that change colors while they're coloring! My kids enjoyed helping to create them!

Melted crayon canvas art

Melted Crayon Art


Beautiful Art Blocks: Melted Crayon on... WOOD! - The Artful Parent