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Pretty girls with tattoos :)

lil quarter sleeve by Sarah de Azevedo @ Oni Tattoo

If I was a tattoo artist and someone asked for this, they would get a swift punch in the jaw. So symmetrical! Very well done though!

Tattoo by Matteo Pasqualin, very pretty colors, although I don't personally care for the daisy placement at the bottom. Gorgeous regardless.

I like the birds, maybe a little smaller (from Shapeshifter Photography: #tattoo #photography #birds

Alexis Calvie...WOW I want this now! except without the weird tetris looking blocks falling off...don't understand what that is supposed to be!

Flipped upside down and moved to lower back with smaller, different exotic flowers

A super beautiful tattoo (looks to me like a very intricate swirly raven or crow) - I don't know that I could stand to look at it for long, it's too detailed, affecting my synesthesia (thus making me itchy) but it is So-Pretty! :D

work by Thomas Hooper at Saved Tattoo. ink, tattoo, intricate design, pattern, black and white

Tattoo Design Idea: Feather Tattoo Instead of a plain feather, I would love to see this one tattooed

these pinks and little bit of yellow would be the coloring i would want

I remember finding this years ago and wanting to make it into a tattoo. But I would take out things like the daisy flowers and put personal things in it. (Like a baby owl, and my siblings names, etc)