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Funniest white elephant gift ever!

I laughed so freaking hard. I stared too!!

Gonna start saying this instead

This is funny.

or are having babies. Everyone has a baby now... And I'm still thinking about butterflies and unicorns and dreams.. WTF is wrong here?

Lol my life

A handy cut out so you can have a Merry Miley Christmas

That awkward moment when the cow is prettier than you.....

Best pregnancy Halloween costume ive ever seen

Tacky Christmas Party game ideas - I love the Rudolph game! Vasoline on your nose, a red pom pom on a string hanging from your mouth, and you try to get the pom pom to stick to your nose! Katrina Alvarez Alvarez Alvarez Alvarez Alvarez Alvarez Alvarez Verde

The 23 Absolute Worst Parts Of Your Childhood (via BuzzFeed)


I'm not very flexible...

( I know- I laughed out loud too )


The happiest bird alive

Well played.

It was right!

Everyone I know is getting engaged and I'm just over here watching say yes to the dress and planning my pretend wedding on pinterest.

Fireball whiskey did not whisper temptations in my ear. It shouted, 'BITCH, YOU GONNA ACT A FOOL!'

Hahahaha yessss!

HEY YO!!!!!!!

Perks of dating me… You don’t have to go broke to impress me. Seriously, we can just order off the dollar menu and make out for all I care.

It's all about perspective... Ha