praying together before the wedding while he's sweet and special.

The women in their boots praying in thanks to God. I need this at my wedding

praying together, but keeping it traditional.

First dance photo. Of all the things I've seen on pinterest, this is the one I want the most.

Groom gave the bride a Bible with her new name engraved onto it. I can only pray for a man with this kind of faith

For engagement pictures!

This is so sweet...

Purple wedding

they wanted to pray together, but not see each other, before the ceremony. #Wedding Photos #wedding photography #Wedding|

sew your wedding date into the hem of your dress with blue thread -- something blue ideas


the groom writes on the brides shoes before the we

Wear a beautiful wedding dress on the Big Day.

A site just like pinterest but just for weddings... save for later

Awe. <3

cute shot, love the dress

beautiful wedding pic

praying before wedding

Praying together before you get married but not wanting the groom to see you. Cutee.