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 What were they thinking?

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Let's make them birds :)

They're happy birds that live in happy trees! I love Bob Ross aka the happy painter

47 Easter Bunnies more terrifying than a crucified man coming back from the dead. | Easter | Someecards

Easter for many families is a time of celebration. It is a time for putting on a happy Easter outfit and taking adorable pictures with the Easter Bunny. Well, photos with the Easter Bunny do not always turn out picture perfect.

LMFAO My baby will have the best looking funny brows out there!

Beware future babies in my care, this is hysterical.draw dark eyebrows on baby! I'm dying from laughter right now! lolololol better tha drawin eyebrows on the dog!

Already in line for The Avengers

Lueck this is me as Wonder Woman. Clearly I won't be dressing as Wonder Woman Crazy superhero costumes! Check them out!

'80s Hair -- Photos of Outrageous '80s Hairstyles

19 Awesome '80s Hairstyles You Totally Wore to the Mall

Bad-Hair School Picture Straight from the Walmart Photo lab, a new album of bad & funny family photos for ya to share with friends and neighbors.

Haha, this is good!

Celebrities as Real People: Not a Pretty Picture Photo by: Planet Hiltron Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Kimye proclaim, "Who cares what the world thinks--we'll always have each other." Brangelina as the new normal.

Over sized sweater for two. Cute!

Old people + handmade snuggie for two. I want to grow old with you.I want a relationship where I would be happy to wear this hideous snuggie sweater at You know old people stay cold anyways.

@Ryan Sullivan Ahlwardt and @Lauren Davison 'Orenga' Ahlwardt make my day...and Rusty of course :)

What's worse than a cat that's no good? A cat that's blatantly a demon. Here's one cat that's plotting to get you. Add your own with our overlay tool, and for more devil cats, catch all new episodes of My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet, Saturdays at e/p.

“This is a picture of me, my sister, and my brother. It was unfortunate that my sister and I attended the same hairdresser the previous evening trying to look presentable for our family photo shoot the next day.”

The best awkward family photo everrr! The one of the left is barbie the one on the right is obese barbie and the guy in the back is just weird

Oh hell naw!

Meanwhile at WalMart. The People of Walmart, WEARING tasteless, ill fitting clothes, or maybe not even enough clothes to cover their privates, are photographed by other customers with cell phones.but are these REALLY clothes?

pregnant hunters and more weird maternity pregnancy photography, worst family photos funny  having a baby, turkey hunting, from TeamJimmyJoe.com

Bad Pregnancy Photos Vol III: Pregnant Mothers, Stupid Fathers