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Entertainment Weekly Brings 'The Waltons' Back Together

'The Waltons' reunite: Good morning, John-Boy! -- VIDEO

Grandma and Grandpa Walton Will Geer & Ellen Corby

John & Olivia Walton

John Boy & Blue

The Walton's---Ralph Waite

The Walton's---Will Geer

The Walton's---Michael Learned

A young Ellen Corby...was a supporting actor in many movies of the 1950s and 1960s...she later played Grandma Walton.

Ellen Corby had a stroke on real life and was partially paralyzed afterward. She returned to the show and continued her role as grandma with her paralysis.

Grandma Walton/Ellen Corby

The Walton's----Ellen Corby - Grandma Walton

Ben Walton, played by Eric Scott.

Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas' Applesauce Cake & Whiskey Frosting : Moist, apple-and-nut-filled slices of spice cake taste even better spiked with whiskey frosting or sherry glaze. Actor Richard Thomas shared his recipe with the Chicago Tribune in 1973, the year after he won an Emmy for his portrayal of John-Boy Walton in The Waltons. Walton-esque in its old-fashioned stylings, Thomas' spice cake (pictured below) is full of nuts & raisins and is moistened with a

Richard Thomas

John-boy Walton aka Richard Thomas

The Walton's---Richard Thomas

The Walton's---Jon Walmsley

Waltons Star Kami Cotler

The Walton's---Kami Cotler

The Walton signatures