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    Name labels are a must for back to school. Put your child's stamp on their 'things' with Kidspot's free printable book labels and back to school name labels. Simply chose from the too-cute designs below, including labels for all back to school essentials - like lunch boxes, books and pencil cases - then print on sticker sheets and voila! Instant labels. Now hopefully you won't need to buy yet another lunch box next term... #backtoschool

  • Kidspot

    Free printable back to school labels #backtoschool

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Benefits of Bilingualism - Click on Apraxia after you get to the website. It will allow you to get "Inside the mind" of bilingual education and show you why it is extremely beneficial to be bilingual. Although advanced great for student's confidence when you explain to them what it says!

Home Preschool Schedule 2013-2014 this woman is a saint and a genius! How she keeps 4 on a strict sched at those ages?!?! I'm going to try w my 3 lil ones and sched mommy nap time when older ones get home! Lol!

This link shows how to make a life-sized human body map. Students trace their own body then make and place their bones and organs within the tracing where they would be inside their actual body. Label, color code, and use texture. This is a great way to teach and asses students' understanding of the human body.

This packet includes 16 stations and recording sheets collected over 8 years from various resources.

Anna's K teacher at a homeschool co-op did this with her class and she loved it! Doing it with my boys soon. :-)

Cool Bulletin Board idea to "spotlight" a student or famous person. I would do both. Maybe every week a different actor, playwright, designer, etc to research to extra credit or a weekly report, and every now and then a student, to make them feel special having been up on the same wall as a big name.

This is a great ice breaker because you can play this game two ways. This would be used in a kindergarten-1st grade classroom. Game 1: Say the letter. I have A. Who has F? Game 2: Say the sound. I have /a/. Who has /f/? The pictures on the cards will help students remember the letter sounds.