Old barn reassembled and turned into a modern home.

dutch kitchen

New Wave Staircase

Beautiful repurposed barn

rustic Italian kitchen - I love everything about this. I love the rough edges. I love the cobbled wall. I love the open rafters and quasi-loft storage. I love the rough metal, the hewn look of the wood, and all the different shades of brown... love love LOVE! interior of cabinet is painted blue. doors. plank board table



Barn Conversion

art design shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/ArtDesignShop

Click through for "Quite the Climb: Amazing Modern Staircases" -- Shown: "Modern Staircase by John Maniscalco Architecture" -- I'm loving the reading nook underneath this one.

photo by Paul Brissman

I love how the exposed beams delineate the space, making the room feel tall and airy. (I have not tried the associated link)

Interior Design Magazine: A custom wood-burning stove helps heat the living room of this converted Washington barn. #InteriorDesignMagazine #InteriorDesign #Design #washington #convertedbarn #livingroom #rustic

I would love to live in a restored barn, but I'm sure they would be hard to keep warm in the winter. Balcony - old timber barn restored

converted barn

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