Dioptase on Duftite and Calcite

Erythrite - Morocco


Malachite replacing Azurite

Aquamarine on Feldspar from the Erongo Mountains, Namibia.

This is spectacular! Cuprite on Dolomite with Malachite #gemstone



Aura Quartz is a natural crystal that has been coated with gold fumes. It is created in a vacuum chamber from quartz crystals and gold vapor by a process known as vapor deposition. Additional elements can be used to treat quartz, such as indium, titanium, and copper.

Opal geode. Gorgeous.

Chrome Vesuvianite

Titanium quartz #crystal #inspo #privatearts

Cavansite on Mordenite with Calcite / Wagholi Quarry, Maharashtra, India Mineral Friends / Mineral Friends <3

There are two categories of opals - common and precious. The Precious opals are composed of three groups: white, black, and fire opal.


MALACHITE - I love malachite and this is gorgeous.

Fluorite. Often called the most colorful mineral in the world. Gives its name to fluorescence, it absorbs then emits light. It is also thermoluminesent, it re-emits absorbed light when heated.


Topaz is a neosilicate mineral. It has a hardness of 8 (Mohs), forms crystals in a wide range of possible colors, and these are prized as gemstones.

pink prismatic terminated crystals of Calcite