Billy Blue Hair - What is the Water Cycle and Why Does it Rain? cute cartoon

Water Cycle - Magic School Bus. We watched this one today, and it really connected some dots for Nugget. If you enjoy the show, buy the boxed set on DVD. One of our best resources for fun leaping-off points for learning.

The Berenstain Bears Go To School - All 7 Habits...This would also be great for 1st day of school.

"Happy" Music Video! Brain break!

Snowflake Watching - Discovery TV video showing intricacies of snowflakes, no two alike.

Parts of Flower -Video for series of Education Videos - YouTube

Frog life cycle animation

Video demonstrating the rock cycle through animations that could be shown to students before explaining the process more in-depth. - LM

Disney Fairies Films - How To Build A Snowman--so cute and funny!

water cycle by NASA

Water Cycle Video (C2, Wk 4)

Water Cycle Movie Has a quiz at the end of the video. Simple and easy to understand for early primary.

Water Cycle Rap

The Water Cycle!

Whole Brain Teaching: Water Cycle Lesson - YouTube

water quality

Perfect video for students K-4 to introduce animal habitats!

Water Cycle Animation

The Water Cycle Rap

I can use this song to introduce the scientific method to my students. We can listen to it each day to get the class started. AS

▶ Lungs - Human Body Parts - Pre School - Animated Videos For Kids - YouTube