Wish this infographic mentioned that a lot of local/independent businesses call historic Main Street neighborhoods home - so in addition to all the other good they do, they're also supporting #preservation.

How to Build a Small Business Brand Online in a simple #infographic #SMB

Why Buy Local?

A matter of time. What's it mean to small business owners?

Do You Shop Local? You Should! The Case for Shopping Local (Infographic) #smallbiz #shoplocal

Every entrepreneur should read this post. ( Business cards are your calling cards. #carwashlive ) #socialnetworking WWW.INFINITEMARKETING.INFO

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This Viral Video Will Change How You Think About Wealth Distribution in the U.S. | 1% of the population owns 40% of the nation's wealth, and other revelations that are equally F'd up.

Reasons to Buy Local

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Thinking About Starting a Home-Based Business? - U.S Small Business Administration; covers many answers.

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Here are 6 things every small business can do to attract new customers without spending a lot of money. Check more Small Business tips at http://go.me/SmallBiz

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Help turn every street into Main street – Repin this post if you plan to #shopsmall and support neighborhood businesses.

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Shopping at a local small business is a great way to support your neighborhood and help your local economy thrive. Hit main street on Small Business Saturday and #ShopSmall on Nov 29.

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Find a local business to support: http://www.independentwestand.org/support-independent-business/search/

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