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    Old places support a sound, sustainable and vibrant economy. blog.preservation... #preservation #whyoldplacesmatter #savingplaces #thisplacematters

    how do old places, old buildings, old cities and towns foster community? What particular role do old places play? blog.preservation... #preservation #community #whyoldplacesmatter

    Old places connect us to our ancestors and our ancestors connect us to old places, giving us a sense of belonging and identity. blog.preservation... #whyoldplacesmatter #preservation #ancestry

    Keeping and using old places is one of the most environmentally-sound things a person or community can do—more than building or buying anything new that claims to be “green.” blog.preservation... #whyoldplacesmatter #preservation

    Without exactly paying attention to it, we also absorb information about people and how they lived—what they ate, how they worked, how they made money, how they lost money, how they coupled, raised their families, and lived and died. And in learning about others from the past, we learn about ourselves. #whyoldplacesmatter #preservation #education

    Nathan's composition "Why Old Places Matter," a 12-minute piece for oboe, horn, and piano that was commissioned by the Boston Symphony Orchestra for the Boston Symphony Orchestra Chamber Players. In this piece, he evokes place, continuity, and memory -- all without words. blog.preservation... #whyoldplacesmatter #preservation #creativity #music

    Just as people once traveled on pilgrimages to visit the relics of saints, they now go to visit the places where creative people worked, dreamed and struggled. blog.preservation... #whyoldplacesmatter #preservation #creativity

    When old places are thought to be sacred, the sense of sacredness can be lost or diminished because of destruction or inappropriate activities or intrusions. Their very sacredness can cause them to be targets for destruction by groups that disapprove of a different religious faith #preservation #whyoldplacesmatter

    Old architecture contributes to our memory, our civilization, our history, and our understanding of ourselves. It’s worth noting, however, that for architecture to be part of the continuity of civilization, the building doesn’t necessarily have to be old. #preservation #whyoldplacesmatter

    Old places give us an understanding of history that no other documents or evidence possibly can (Wilderness Battlefield; Credit: National Trust for Historic Preservation (Jason Clement) #whyoldplacesmatter #preservation #history

    Beauty remains at the heart of why people care about old places. blog.preservation... #whyoldplacesmatter #preservation

    Americans—and people everywhere—care deeply about the old places that embody their shared identity, whether national, civic or more broadly cultural. They speak forcefully and eloquently about these places when they are threatened. blog.preservation... #preservation #whyoldplacesmatter

    "The way places inform our identity and the way we create identity out of place is complex and multi-layered, and there is no agreement about how it works." Read more: blog.preservation... #preservation #WhyOldPlacesMatter

    Places are key triggers for both individual memory, such as those very personal memories I recalled above, and collective memory, the memory shared by the larger society blog.preservation... #preservation #history

    When I ask people why old places are important, a frequent answer is that old places provide people with a sense of continuity. But this idea of a sense of continuity, which so many people obviously feel, is not often explained. What does this sense of continuity mean, how does it tie to old places, and why is it good for people? Read more from our series: blog.preservation... #preservation #thisplacematters

    Howell Opera House: Love our time capsule 1881 Opera House in downtown Howell #oldplacesbeauty Why do old places matter? Community.

    Adirondack Architectural Heritage (AARCH): National Trust for Historic Preservation's what it looked like in the day (we have the BEST office building!): #oldplacesbeauty

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