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Melted(?) stairs in the Temple of Hathor, Egypt http://abnb.me/e/1Bw4yfnlSC

Western Staircase leading to the roof of the Temple of the Goddess Hathor - Egypt 2300 years old

Avenue of Sphinxes- 900 statues of Amun in Ram Sphinx form with Pharaoh Tarharka over 2 miles long. Ends at 1st pylon, his Kiosk is located beyond the pylon inside center of courtyard.

Ram statues at Karnak Temple Complex in Luxor Egypt Akenaten Bluehorse

Taharqa the dual King of Nubia and the 25th dynasty of egypt and Sudan Originally known as Kemet and Kush.

Taharqa was the greatest of Egypt’s Nubian kings (Art by Gregory Manchess)

Hatshepsut (1473-1458 B.C.) was the daughter of Tuthmosis I, and carried the blood of Ahmose who, two generations earlier had finally freed Egypt from Hyksos rule.

Nesi (Pharaoh) Hatshepsut B.) was the daughter of Nesi Tehutimes I (Pharaoh Tuthmosis I), and carried the blood of the legendary Queen Ahmose-Nefertari who, four generations earlier had finally freed Kemit from Hyksos rule.

Columns of an Ancient Egyptian Temple in Luxor, Egypt.                                                                                                                                                      More

Columns of an Ancient Egyptian Temple in Luxor, Egypt. I've been there--this peristyle is a forest of huge decorated and painted columns which are immense and the whole is overwhelming in its massive power.

I saw this with my best friend in Seattle alone no parents, we were 13 or 14 times have sure changed

I have pretty much been in love with anything Ancient Egyptian my whole life! mInnermost funerary coffin of King Tut Ankh Amon, Museum of Egyptian Antiquities ~ Tahrir Square, al-Qāhira (Cairo), Egypt.