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  • Jennifer Keifer

    Brain breaks. Activity sticks for when the kids are getting restless. Teacher draws a stick, all the kids do it. Examples: get in order, 10 jumping jacks, dance party, switch seats, sign language ABCs, would you rather . . ., etc.

  • Carol Wilson

    Keep Calm and Teach On: {Brain Break Activity Sticks}

  • Andrea Lynne

    activity sticks- little brain breaks while learning or feeling bored- classroom management!

  • Anne Hopkins

    1 minute activities to get the kids up and moving :-) Sometimes they just need a break! @Rebecca Wiggins teaching idea?:)

  • Rachel Ulbig

    Brain Break!!! 1 minute activities to get the kids up and moving. Sometimes they just need a break! I might also make some with short, higher order thinking prompts for my advanced students who finish assignments early. Could just grab one and hand it to them or teach them to go up and get one when they find themselves done before everyone else and are tempted to do nothing.

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