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German Troops - Ukraine 1941 - World War II

This is a nice reproduction of an original photograph showing German troops and armor on the Russian front. Several of the troops are carrying mortar tubes and mounts.Size is about x German Troops Russian Front.

Battle of Stalingrad in pictures - February 1943 / Batalha de Stalingrado em fotos - Fevereiro 1943.

German troops watch as their artillery bombards Soviet positions inside Stalingrad, summer-fall Things got worse than this as winter closed in and so did Russians

sbarco in normandia - Cerca con Google

GO ou SW-B - World War II history gallery British troops land on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, the beginning of the Allied invasion of France to establish a second front against German forces in Europe.

German troops at Stalingrad, Russia, late 1942

[Photo] German troops at Stalingrad, Russia, late 1942

German troops of the Army move into the suburbs of Stalingrad, late Sept The German decision to fight a street battle was fatal.

Frozen Hell, Russia winter 1941

German Soldiers, catching a tank ride in freezing winter warfare on the eastern front.

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German Soldiers during World War II They look like SS but their collar insignia has been removed or retouched. Note the Bergmann SMG of the leader.


Los ultimos defensores de Berlin

Soldado alemán con un rifle de asalto StG 44. 1943.

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This German soldier carries an StG considered to be the first assault rifle in the world but it came too late to affect the outcome of the war.

Soldado alemán disparando un mortero. Leningrado, 1943.

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Life of a soldier The harsh war fare required for the war "German soldier"