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"The taxi medallion system in New York and other cities raises fares, impoverishes drivers, and hurts passengers. So why can’t we get rid of it?"

All of this, to me, is absolutely incredible. Many of these emotions are recognized universally, forming a visual shorthand that can be used in place of entire paragraphs and can communicate ideas across languages and cultures. While the emotions above are simple ones, there are other reaction gifs that convey more compound ideas like ‘i have conflicting emotions’ or ‘i am overwhelmed with emotion’ or ‘i can’t even deal with the emotions I am feeling right now.’

The Ecstasy of Influence: A Plagiarism / by Jonathan Lethem / love this man

Wise words...genius if u can truly do it. It takes so much energy and tension to be angry about dumb things, then just letting go and replacing it with positives.

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