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Tourmaline, featuring two crystals intergrown in a large smoky quartz,Himalaya

Tourmaline: detox

Quartz with green Epidote crystals inside

Rainbow Tourmaline

Rose Quartz

Quartz with Titanium Crystal

This specimen is sometimes called the "Pink Tutu" because of its rose quartz frill. The smoky quartz formed first, then the rose quartz. Geologists suspect the pink tint comes from traces of aluminum and phosphorus.

Rainbow Quartz

Quartz crystal w/ Rutile star inclusions - Brazil

Solar Quartz

Tourmaline on Quartz

Fluorite and Quartz

Azure Aura Quartz

Crystals for Courage — Increase your courage with Bloodstone, Carnelian, Aquamarine, or Ruby. Carry with you or wear as needed. — Related Chakra: Heart

Paraíba – A rare blue-green tourmaline containing copper.

Aura Quartz is a natural crystal that has been coated with gold fumes. It is created in a vacuum chamber from quartz crystals and gold vapor by a process known as vapor deposition. Additional elements can be used to treat quartz, such as indium, titanium, and copper.

Aquamarine on Smoky Quartz #minerals #nature

Magnificent untreated tanzanite crystal.

Watermelon Tourmaline