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Musical Manes: 7 Rad 'Dos For Rocking Out

Hot, sweaty, dirty, sticky, frenzied — no, we're not describing a Girls sex scene. These are the conditions you can expect if you're attending any one of the myriad music festivals in the coming months. Suffice to say that none of those things are synonymous with a great-looking mane, but even

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i need a professional stylist, and enough hair to do this everyday.

Knot your average pony. **I tried this in my own hair... even though I have lots of long, thick hair, this style made me look like I had none! Seriously... I lost seven inches off the length of my pony tail :( Check out my "French Knotted Pony" for a variation I made... leaves more length and fullness in your pony tail, and makes for a super cool look!

Nice up-do for the ladies tired of the norm... looks fairly easy, spray (or lightly wax) damp hair before curling on medium to small rollers making sure the top curlers pull the roots upwards. Dry completely (that's normally where I fail), then loosen in a coil, don't "unroll". Spray for lift and loosely french twist it. Nice!

how to make your hair grow faster {easy as 1, 2, 3...}(my hair is already long but I need it longer)

I miss my super long hair so much!! I really wish I hadn't cut, dyed + bleached it...

i would look "little house on the prairie" but this is so pretty on her!