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How Do Seizures Damage the Brain

How Do Seizures Damage the Brain?

First Aid for Seizures: Learn to recognize common symptoms of seizures: [1] staring and unresponsiveness [2] confusion [3] jerks and twitches [4] wandering [5] shaking or falling [6] picking or lip smacking [7] whole-body convulsions (grand mal seizure)

stages of tonic clonic seizure should one encounter. as an epileptic there is a lot of confusion as to how to help us during a seizure/fit- this is what to do. many stressors cause seizures, and 1/10 people will have them in their lifetime. do NOT put something in a seizing person's mouth. #epilepsy #firstaid

Managing Epilepsy and Seizures – Safety at Home, School, Work |

Epilepsy... Tres has severe epilepsy and this is important to know for others who are not familiar with seizures