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    Puppy Surprise!

    I would get so mad if she only had 2 or 3 puppies

    ALPHIE!!!!!!!!!!! Loved him!

    chicken nugget people.loved these

    Totally had these!

    i loved my skip-it

    See & Say

    Who didn't love using these stamp pens all over EVERYTHING! - Bored tonight? We've got something going on at the University of Iowa! Check out our pins or find our events at our website:

    so cheap but so fun!

    Puppy in My Pocket

    Pony Surprise. Puppy Surprise was also awesome. I still remember the Christmas when I got my Puppy Surprise.

    Betty Spaghetty | Betty Spaghetty- 30 Toys from the 90's you might have forgotten. it just hit me that I have no idea where my Betty Spaghetty dolls went...

    Easy way to create a button bracelet. Perfect for Seniors working on the Mission: Sisterhood! journey.

    Pound puppies having puppies

    ha ha loved this show!!

    Furby!-- Soo annoying but I wanted one soo badly!

    Creepy Crawlers! This was my version of the easy bake oven growing up.

    poppers. Things HURT!

    1. Teddy Ruxspin 2. Glo Worm 3. Rainbow Brite 4. Care Bears

    Rainbow Brite

    90's Toys -- Original Puppy in my Pocket - I loved these! Pretty sure I still have them somewhere