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    we did this with Josiah ! so much fun!

    Sign language for babies - the first 8 signs to teach your baby!

    Start teaching your baby to communicate using sign language. #smartbaby #safebaby

    Baby Sign Language

    Here are ten baby sign language signs to teach your baby. #babysignlanguage #teachbabysignlanguage #easybabysignlanguage

    I did this with my oldest and have already started with my 5 month old. Potty Train Your Baby! :) you can do it!

    Basic signs

    Ways to carry your baby and how it effects your their development. New Moms: Please read this, so you don't have to come see me. Love, your child's Physical Therapist. Research-based information on the effects of strollers, buggies, papooses and swaddling as well as the benefits of proper baby-wearing....For future reference. I don't want my baby to have an abnormal head!

    How to teach your baby to swim by themselves, an activity list for 6-12 month olds.

    I totally need a shirt like this- don't even care if it's for kids haha! "This girl runs on cupcakes and Jesus"

    10 Guidelines for Weight Loss While Breast Feeding - did well last time and didn't do quite all of these things. This time if I do them all hopefully it will be even easier!

    Baby Sign Language Chart.

    Sign Language for Babies and Kids (30 basic signs)

    Sleep train your baby in 7 days. I'll need this as a refresher. Our daughter slept through the night at 6.5 weeks thanks to this - we started it with her at 5 weeks. We'll do it with the next one, too! @melissapiket

    The only 15 toys you need for baby's first year (and a little beyond), besides homemade ones. Written by an OT to cover multiple (and almost all) physical developmental needs :)

    Baby's First Library

    10 Rhymes for Babies and Toddlers to get them learning language, counting, active and animal noises.

    Baby Sign Language. This is the BEST way to do it... so simple, and AMAZING how the little ones catch on!

    American Sign Language for Babies & Toddlers