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Our First 100 Days Journal--love this idea of having a class journal and having a student record something new each day for 100 days :)

Start a daily class diary! Every day for 100 days, create a new page with highlights of the day. With 100 days, everyone in your class will get several turns to contribute!adapting this idea for a family diary

Students write a letter to a parent about what they did during the week.  The parent writes back a short note in response. "If the students bring their Friday Journal back on Monday with a parent response, they receive a sticker on the cover of their journal. By the end of the year, the cover looks really cool and the parents have a special keepsake."

Friday Journals - kids write a note on Friday to their parents telling what they learned that week. The parents write a short response back to their child, & the child brings the notebook back Monday. Each parent response earns a sticker for the cover.

Duct Tape and Ziplock Bag Classroom Quilt How-To. :) Would be a fun way to display themed student work throughout the year too!

DIY Duct Tape Baggie Quilt - used to display work.but this website has TONS of DYI crafts and manipulatives for the classroom. or even a fun way to make journals out of a gift bag.

Great idea

Classroom Behavior Chart: A giant 100 chart & as the whole class does something really well one student pulls out a popsicle stick and colors the number found on the stick. Once ten numbers in a row are colored in, a party is earned.

Tagxedo - enter text and it makes a word collage

Make a "word collage" with your class list. Class List for meet the teacher night. Similar to Wordle, only with more options.

Extra papers from the day go in the folders...perfect for make-ups! Check out CTP's Poppin' Patterns letters to help you stay organized!

file folders hanging on wall for extra papers handed out during the week - great for lost work or absent students. love love love this idea, I would have loved this during student teaching!

Getting to know you activity. This is perfect to go over bubble maps at the beginning of the year. :)

Cute idea to use with Kevin Henke's Chrysanthemum. I typically read Chrysanthemum the first week, talk about bullying/unkind words.

First week of school ideas (for older grades) -- great teaching blog to follow as well

On the first day of school I write my kids a letter telling about myself, and then their task is to write a letter back to me. It gives the kids something simple to do while I deal with parents, school supplies and any other first day hiccups. The letters