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Owl. This would be a great tattoo in memory of my mom. She loved sunflowers and owels.

im getting something similar to this for soph. with her birthdate and with color. :)

Can't believe this is an actual tattoo. Love the colors!

Black owl tattoo on upper arm. Beautiful linework.

I love the spiraled lines. :D I'll have to see if I can design something like this.

OH MY GOD! these owls are wayyyyy cuter than my owl tattoo!

•intelligence •brilliance •perspective •intuition •quick-wit •independence •wisdom •protection •mystery •power

A little owl on Veloriaa, done in Amsterdam. via Dwam

Whatever artist did the shading OMG! This color work is AMAZING

i want a key and the owl on top is something ive never seen until now.. might consider this.. whooo knowsss :)