SAUL LEITER Saul uses lighting and other objects to frame his subjects and this is no different - the rain and umbrella frames the woman and her dog. The black and white coloring makes it look eerie and the rain makes it look like a watercolor.

Sotto la pioggia...-pi3.jpg

Its a beautiful rainy morning :)


whitesoulblackheart: La Pluie by Burak Ulker © (Please leave credit … Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ)

without umbrella and with lizzy yip and having umbrella not to wear yip

Lt it rain ~ (Photography Shen Li Guang) by mavrica

São Santos

Art-and-Dream: Rainy Night Romance by Denis Nolet Canadian painter

Eduard Gordeev 8

Eduard Gordeev / rainy cityscape streets look like oil paintings

RAIN. how fun to be  out it in when the temperature is mild.

my kids love playing in the rain with or without the umbrellas (these are not my boys but they are just as adorable)

Lets walk around with non-judgmental eyes and be human for at least a minute in our lives. Okay?

Do not judge. "You don't know what storm I've asked her to walk through" -God. So true.

Великолепные стихи: Когда нам будет восемьдесят пять.. ОНА: Когда мне будет восемьдесят пять, Когда начну я тапочки терять, В бульоне размягчать кусочки хлеба, Вязать излишне длинные шарфы, Ходить, держась за стены и шкафы, И долго-долго вглядываться в небо, Когда все женское, Что мне сейчас дано, Истратится и станет все равно - Уснуть, проснуться, или не проснуться. Из виданного на своем веку Я бережно твой образ извлеку, И чуть заметно губы улыбнутся..

sensual dreams and sunbeams.


Rainy walk home

“Rain girl” The Called Her Ame Onna *** By reylia-slaby

Paris Couple in the rain, Montmartre

♡"Şiirden kadınlar var bu şehirde,  Aşkı tanıyan adamları bekleyen…" Arzu Eşbah

Psalms Even though I walk in the valley of deep shadow, I fear nothing bad, For you are with me; Your rod and your staff are the things that comfort me. Very beautiful picture.


Rain again. Point of View © Donato Buccella



Yellow Umbrella. What is the design principle evident in this photograph? Color anamoly—the yellow. Keep it in your designer-bag-of-tricks. Prof. Zeller

Yellow under....

I have a thing for the colour yellow and especially yellow umbrellas, so this image took my eye as soon as I was it. I like how its a huge pop of colour against the grey and cold scene around her