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This collaborative design for Vienna’s waterfront region offers some clever solutions for combating the difficult climatic conditions of the area.

This unique urban design has been conceived as a piece of topography, taking the form of tree-covered mountains situated in the heart of Shanghai's art district.

‘Subi Surf Park’, a design concept to replace the current Domain Stadium in Perth,WA. Would include apartments, large open green spaces, pavilions, markets and an artificial wave pool for surfing.

Proposed by French architect Jean Paul Viguier, a timber framed tower that will house both residential and commercial spaces will be erected in Bordeaux, France. Viguier’s tower took the prize in a competition to select the designer of the new development, and when complete will become the tallest modern timber framed building in the world.

Designed by Forum Studio, The Pearl of Instanbul development is an ambitious project comprising a huge 154, 220sqm and will include a series of sculptural towers rising from a podium that steps down to the water like natural plateaus and will create public spaces, restaurants, cafes and retail areas for residents and tourists.

A city is an interplay of spatial and programmatic multiplicities irreducible to any one single component but together defining what a city is or can be. The vision for the civic centre in the City of Ryde is one of functional, natural and topological synthesis. Bringing together natural space, civic functions, and the public realm was a major part of eureka’s architectural proposal.

15 years in the making, the Chicago Riverwalk development has finally been completed. Developed by Ross Barney Architects in collaboration with planning and design firm Sasaki, the public space project was designed and completed in three phases to provide a much-desired connection between the Windy City and its waterfront.