Explore Suntan Lotion, Beach Pool, and more!

Put ur mobile, keys and other tiny valuables in a container like this and jump into that pool & swim till ur heart's content ;D Forget the fear and steer the gear ;o)

For the beach/pool. Wash out an existing lotion container (or another spacious container that would make SENSE to have at the beach or pool) and store phone, money, keys etc.

I'm sharing my scenic "commute" with all of you....thanks to my Dash Cam Hack!

My Scenic "Commute" Recorded On My Dash Cam Hack

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. Ideas About DIY Life Hacks & Crafts 2017 / 2018 I'm sharing my scenic "commute" with all of you.thanks to my Dash Cam Hack! -Read More -

Creo que los términos y condiciones son abusivos, si así lo crees repin!

This is real and it's pretty scary. Read for yourself and decide. We've all agreed to the TOS. I don't want to leave but I don't want a lawsuit either. The article from the lawyer (link at the bottom) is very informative and easy to understand.

20 Secret Hiding Places - I like this one in particular. Why? Because it's good to hide money in a refrigerator. If there's a fire, everything in the refrigerator is preserved! THAT'S A FACT.

20 Secret Hiding Places

a wonderful and simple idea, - 20 Best Hiding Places in the home - Smooth and creamy money - Real Mayonaise jar faux painted inside makes a good hiding place in the fridge

Mio Sauce Bottles: Use a mio energy drink bottle for the sauces and salad dressings you want to pack with your lunch.  Source: Imgur

Mio Sauce Bottles

Recycle a Mio bottle for salad dressing, soy sauce, hot sauce, and more. Great size to pop into your lunch box and it doesn't leak.

DIY Travel Hacks That Will Change How You Pack Forever... and might make you feel terribly stupid

DIY Travel Hacks That Will Change How You Pack Forever

Use empty Chapstick tubes to hide valuables DIY Travel Hacks That Will Change How You Pack Forever

DIY Home Tips - Some of this stuff is just too cool, I can't believe I never knew this before..

Did You Know... 50 Insanely Clever Random Hacks

Reynolds Wrap has lock in taps to hold the roll in place. DIY Home Sweet Home" site has a lot of helpful info.

Attach your power strip to the leg of your desk with velcro to keep it up off the floor and out of your way.

Use velcro to secure a Power Strip to the leg of desk / table / loft bed to keep cords off the floor or in a tangled mess at your feet. Makes cleaning the floor WAY easier!

Clever DIY Ideas diy crafts home made easy crafts, how ingenious

Smart ideas for the home: organization ideas and a couple neat food ideas. The egg idea is cute!

Des boites de céréales pour organiser vos tiroirs

Des boites de céréales pour organiser vos tiroirs

I’m simply going to walk you page by page through my “emergency documents binder.”  I keep this near our kit, but not in it as I access and use it often.  It goes wherever I go so that I can have access to these important documents anytime, anywhere.

Create an Important Documents Grab and Go binder

The most thorough "Household Emergency" folder/binder I have seen online, including printable forms to fill in for yourself. 72 Hour Kit Documents: makes building a personalized 72 hour kit do-able and affordable!

Don't throw out those silica gel packets!

8 Clever Uses for Silica Gel

Uses for Silica Gel packets. I always save mine for the photo box - keeps the photos dry and “sticky emulsion” free. (via 8 Clever Uses for Silica Gel - Popular Mechanics)