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"How about coke in a glass bottle." He asked. "Never had it," I replied. "You're joking! You haven't truly lived until you've had coke in a glass bottle, it's the only way to experience it." He said. He grabbed two glass bottles out of the refrigerator. "Come on...let's give you an experience."

Reflection of River Red Gum in wine glass.

#Wine at sunset by Mariya-Luiza. Letting your hair down once in a while wouldn't hurt. Find a way to relax that works for you.

idk if its photoshopped or not, but its AWESOME

Sphere, circular, bubbles, spectrum, hanging, rod iron, transparent. Love.

Orange balls | More fabulous colour here:

All the laughter yet to escape, lost now, lost to space...All the things we never got to do, only God knows how much I miss you...

"There are dark places, and quiet places. Lonely places, and places full of light. There are empty places, empty spaces, and everything in between."