chicken topiaries

Larger-than-life boxwood chickens

i have a growing obsession with topiaries--not quite Edward Scissor Hands--but it could get there. All boxwoods beware. Im planning to start designing topiary forms for such things as this . . .

Toadstools to Topiaries, 11 Creative Mushroom projects for your garden

boxwood bird

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Gorgeous Rosemary

adorable succulent turtle

Rabbit topiary

I've got to find these for Becca....she's our egg girl. She feeds and cares for chickens, washes and packages eggs and sells them to her customers with a smile.

🌹 Lovely lawn and border gardens - great house with French doors. #Home #Garden #Design #LandScape ༺༺ 🏡 ❤ ℭƘ ༻༻

Jimmy Cramers house

Peacock Topiary

A river of hens and chicks!!! Ex.Quis.Ite.

Snowball viburnum

Mosaicultures 2013 - The lemur centipede by Patrick Pilon


Raised beds with boxwoods, chickens in the yard

Wisteria tree Next year one of these will be in my front yard

I am not usually into this kind of thing, but I LOVE these chickens!