green linen tie

Gingham, tweed, blackwatch tartan with a toggle. My husband, all the way.

Ermenegildo Zegna POW suit, Milano cut Borrelli...

My first instinct is to straighten his tie.then run my hands down his lapels.

Its not what you wear, but how you wear it.

Matteo Gioli wears a Camo suit with a Super Duper hat Eton shirt and Dr Martens shoes

The famous Stewart tartan modelled by Jackie himself

Racing driver Sir Jackie Stewart in traditional Irish kilt with matching necktie and knee high socks.

Princeton Students in the early 60s

'Take Ivy' brings readers back to the golden age of Princeton style, 'True Prep' brings them up to date

Tartan plaids became popular fashion for men. Khaki-colored trousers, called chinos, were worn for casual wear. And also the Ivy League sweater

Ivy from 90210 has a super boho surfer style. I think this an outfit from the show but not sure..

Gillian Zinser

Gillian Zinser/Ivy Sullivan from 90210 I love this character and her style !