• memo wise

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  • Bryanna Estrada

    I don't even think this is funny, it's just ridiculous how much my little brother just laughed at it.

  • Mindy G

    This is so true, anyone who knows me knows I love french fries more than anything in the world.

  • Trinity Norwood

    How I Eat Fries In Reality Funny Comic Picture. This is so true.

  • Jillian Ryan

    Eating fries, true story.

  • Emma Henderson

    #relatable #sotrue Haha!

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I laughed way too much at this....on another note, I would have died a thousand deaths.

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This is true.



LOVE LAUGHING AT THIS :) I will CRUSH your boobs!!! lol - Click image to find more Humor Pinterest pins

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Can't stop laughing!

yess!!! at the end of every year!!

I died. I just keep watching it