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    Borax Vs. Washing Soda

    Borax and baking soda both serve as laundry boosters and are effective at removing stains. Combine the two with Castile soap to make a homemade laundry soap.
    • Amy Hymas

      The Effects of Borax and Washing Soda on a Septic System - links to for septic-safe cleaning recipes

    • Selena Horton White

      Homemade Laundry Soap Without Washing Soda or Borax |

    • Kim R

      BORAX VS. WASHING SODA Washing soda more of a laundry booster (water softener); Borax more of a general cleaner as well as laundry booster. When you use borax in the washing machine, do not add bleach because of the danger of toxic fumes. Both are safe for septic, plumbing and machines.

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