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Gander Mountain® > Taurus Judge Public Defender Handgun Package - Firearms, nice handgun, fires .45 ACP, .45 Govt. AND .410 shotgun!

Taurus Judge - posting to my faves, not to be aggressive, but to share in case someone is interested in what a somewhat 'Stay at home Mom' likes to keep around for home defense. This shoots shotgun shells and .45. Mine is named "Judy" -Mary

Well, if you must carry, might as well make it a gold .45. #safetyfirst

My Taurus Judge Public Defender...there is something cool about a gun that shoots .45's bullets and/or 410 shotgun shells....

Taurus Raging Judge - .410 shot shells and .45 LC

Taurus’s new Raging Judge Magnum 45/.454 Casull/.410

Hand cannon: the "Raging Judge" ultralight. shoots 7, 410 shotgun shells or .45 colt.

Taurus Judge Poly Public Defender .410/.45- this is what I defend the Williams' house with

The Taurus Judge - Handgun - Revolver (it shoots .45LC & .410 shotgun shells! awesome for home defense.)

Taurus Judge speed loader 410 $20.00. I want these.

2 Pack Taurus Small And Medium Frame Revolver 22 Long Rifle 9mm .45 410 .357 Magnum and 38 Special Quick Release Conceal Carry Micro Holster Trigger Stay by Garrison Grip (Hot Pink) Garrison Grip

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