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The dog who can paint…

Rescue dog paints for local animal charities.

Please don't dock ears and tails.It is painful and not needed for medical reasons. Please help stop mutilation of pets in this manner..AKC needs to change their standards.


Today Is No Pet Store Puppies Day—Help Us Spread the Word!

Tell all your friends: Today, July 21, is No Pet Store Puppies Day! We need your help raising awareness about the tens of thousands of dogs who live their entire lives in puppy mills, where they are often kept in tiny, overcrowded cages in dreadful conditions.


Awesome dogs…

Why I love dogs so much. The "tired dog" is the best one :o)

International Day of Action for South Korean Dogs and Cats - Every year in South Korea, two million dogs and thousands of cats—the vast majority of them kept in deplorable conditions—are killed for food. Many are sadistically tortured before they are slaughtered, in deference to a myth among those involved in the dog and cat meat trade that elevated adrenaline levels produce tender meat and enhance the supposed health benefits of the animals’ flesh.

"Every day in America dogs are stolen from yards and most often from outside of stores. They are then used for everything from dog fighting to testing in 'labs'. Please help raise awareness by sharing this, you may just save a life. Thank you."