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You got your hands up, You're rocking in my truck. You got the radio on, You're singing every song. I'm set on cruise control. I'm slowing loosing hold of everything I got. You're looking so damn hot. And I don't know what road we're on, Or where we've been from starrin' at you. Girl, all I know is I don't want this night to end.

you got your hands up your rockin in my truck you got the radio up your singing every song! i set on cruise control, im slowing losing hold of everything i got your looking so DAMN HOT :)

I'm set on Cruise Control, i'm slowly losing hold of everything i got... your'e looking so damn hot! Luke Bryan<3

You got your hands up, your rocking in my truck, you got the radio on, your singing every song...Im set on cruise control, Im slowly loosing hope, with everything I got, your looking so dang hot..& I dont know what road were on or where weve been from starring at you girl all I know is I dont want this night to end<3 Meet Luke bryan:) My FAVORITE<3

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