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CosGeek: Gallery: More Unusual Harry Potter Tattoos

Harry potter fans go all out when it comes to Harry Potter! You couldn't pay me to get a Harry Potter tattoo!

Tatuaje de Astin - Astin Tattoos & Aerografía (Aguilar de la Frontera)

Tatuaje de Astin - Astin Tattoos & Aerografía (Aguilar de la Frontera)

Cartolina Skull temp tat

Cartolina Skull

The Cartolina Skull is now available individually! With a slight blue tint, these Tattlys look especially real. Great for adding a bit of toughness to anyone!

Harry potter tattoo

I really love this take on the deathly hallow symbol. Mine is just the original plain one but any deathly hallows symbol is beautiful it you know the true meaning.

Winged Key, Harry Potter inspired tattoo. LOVE THIS.

Moo Tattoo in Philadelphia, PA. It's concept is from the first Harry Potter movie from the scene where Harry has to catch the winged key in order to get through the door to reach the Sorcerers Stone

Harry Potter tattoo

Saw everybody else had their Harry Potter love up:D This was done on and it’s my Snape dedication tattoo. Got it done to support my favorite character, and to document a huge obsession ^_^

Cool Harry Potter tattoo

The Coolest Blacklight Tattoo…

Blacklight Harry Potter tattoo - underneath the footprints it says “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” in clear UV-reactive ink, meaning it only shows up under a black light. OMG THIS IS AWESOME.