choose faith over worry. simply. #NOQUITMONDAY I need to remember this!!!

worry... :/

This is a lesson often learned a little bit too late! Keep this as a reminder to help you remember that at times, "silence is golden."

good reminder.


Pray more Worry Less

I need to remember this every day!

Note from God

Phillipians 4:6. Need to remember this.

Sometimes seems like a daily struggle to remember this but it is good advice...

Love that comes from his Spirit that lives in us.


try to remember this

Choose wisely :)

this is officially my 4,000 pin and this was the special one I choose. some people may not have thought this would be my 1st pick considering I love hair nails and makeup and such but I decided this was the thing that meant the most to me. Beauty isn't the thing that keeps people going everyday and I don't think makeup brought us to this world.

.. remember this

"Until God opens the next door for you, praise Him in the hallway." This is so true, and I do