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  • Alejandro García

    Minnesota Zoo logo sketches | Logo Design Love

  • Janine Shroff

    The Minnesota Zoo logo combines an ‘M’ with a Minnesota moose. It was part of the zoo’s wayfinding system of typography, symbols, and signs, cited in the design section of TIME magazine as one of the best of 1981.

  • John Madden

    Signage for the Minnesota Zoo Designed in 1981 by Lance Wyman

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Minnesota Zoo Logo Sketches

Minnesota Zoo logo from 1981. They should still use it. It's lovely. Instead they have something crappy.

Minnesota Zoo logo sketches by Lance Wyman

early MN Zoo identity from 1981, designed by Lance Wyman's

Minnesota Zoo Type and Wayfinding 04 by Lance Wyman via

The simplicity of this system is better (imo) than the National Zoo's system, but there was also less ground to cover and it was ten years later.♥ that bird graphic forever.


this guy (Simon Walker) is f'in ridiculous (in the best way possible). I've seen his work everywhere (fffound, various design blogs), never heard his name and ALL his design is, quite frankly, the shit. how is he not famous?