Place Value Rounding I Have, Who Has? Game (CC.3.NBT.1)

Place value cups

Meet Perry the Place Value Robot! Great anchor chart for teaching word for and expanded form. Links to a great blog post with lots of resources!

Place value cups for teaching place value. Genius!

Place Value Game

Give the kids place value blocks to make their name... have them calculate the value of their name. - Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: More Mudge and Place Value!

Roll a die five times and decide where the numbers should go and you have the option of "rejecting" a number. Goal is to make the highest number out of the group.

Rounding Game that kids BEG to play!! Love this idea and this teacher's blog!

Common Core App

common core checklist

Place Value Accordion

Free I Have Who Has Place Value

Great idea for place value/calendar math practice for upper grades. Could also be used as a center or for early finishers.

Free activity - Working with numbers in standard form, expanded notation and word form.

place value

Free Place Value Packet!!

Fun way to reinforce place value. Students get a digit, comma or decimal, teacher says a number, students have to get themselves in order to represent that number. Kiddos will REALLY enjoy this- first week of school activity for place value

Break Those Numbers Apart! (Blog Post) Why I traded in place value blocks for unifix cubes. Help students understand that tens (or hundreds) can break apart and be regrouped to subtract.

Simply Second Grade love this for place value