special effects makeup...I love the black vein look

zombie makeup | zombie # makeup # cool # halloween this is how I want to do my makeup for Halloween >;D

Pop Art face makeup - Use a thin black line (eyeliner or paint) to outline the basic elements of the face including a line around the ear elements, hairline, chin... Add rich colors where needed. Then fill in areas with dots, using the back end of a paint brush.

Hmmmm great look, maybe for Halloween....but I don't think my hubby, kids or grand kids would like this on me....lol

Fantasy special effects makeup

Zombie Makeup

Creepy Beautiful...option 5 amazing scant garde special fx beauty makeup

Sculpting wax exposed knuckle bone special effects makeup

halloween zombie special effects makeup sfx

Budget101.com - - How to Make Fake Skin for Wounds | Halloween Special Effects

Halloween makeup, masquerade special fx

Black eye kids Halloween Makeup just amazing

special effects halloween makeup


special effects referance, halloween make up

WOW! What awesome special effect 'Owl' makeup idea. It doesn't get better than this... and to bring out the full effect with black sclera contacts really makes this work ~ http://www.pinterest.com/pin/350717889705707881/

Special effects makeup - beat up gory gruesome special fx halloween makeup

Reattached hand special effects makeup for halloween Check out the rest of my work: https://www.behance.net/gallery/Special-Effects-Makeup/11391217

wow, this optical illusion makeup I am seeing around is incredible! #Doll #Halloween #Makeup

Special effects makeup Corpse, demon, skeleton face paint

Doll Special Effects Makeup