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    Re-upholstering fabric estimations for any type of furniture.

    Upholstering Instructions at Better Homes and Gardens. In a nutshell: Strip the chair of its original fabric and use the pieces as pattern. Then pin the pieces wrong sides out onto the chair. Remove pinned cover and sew it together, with welting reinforcing the seams. Put sewn cover back on the chair. It should fit like a glove!

    Guide for re-upholstering furniture..tells you how many yards you need

    Awesome step-by-step tutorial to re-upholster furniture! Now, it's decisions, or paint!? *Sigh* :)

    What types of fabric do you use for which type of project?

    need it! I do this for a living and will tell you that these charts are about 15% off. Keep in mind that these are 54" plain estimates. If you have a repeat, you need to factor at least 20% more. Velvet or any fabric with a nap is NOT a plain fabric, so factor in 10% more. Just some pointers from your friendly upholstery workroom.

    Transfer any image to anything (fabric and wood) using this process. Can you imagine the possibilities? I MUST REMEMBER THIS!

    DIY painted couch - using water-based stain

    4'x8' foam insulation boards from Home Depot covered in fabric = gorgeous DIY upholstered wall hangings... or put them together creating a cool headboard

    Fabric Yardage Chart for Sofas, Sectionals, Couchs, Chairs and Ottomans Reupholstery

    Sun-dyed fabric.

    Painting fabric chairs instead of re-upholstering...I thought it was going to be a mess and I was WRONG.

    CD racks for folded fabric!!

    Yardage Charts for all DIY upholstery projects This will definitely come in handy next summer!!! getting excited for our new house!!

    Upholstery Tips & Tricks | LiveLoveDIY

    Need to recover a sofa? Here's a sofa upholstery guide to help you with the amount of fabric you need and more!

    Nicer than a plain cork board... burlap and upholstery nails.

    Get a pallet, foam, table legs, fabric and a staple gun. What the hello??? LOVE

    Fabric storage.

    Upholstered Ottoman