Re-upholstering fabric estimations for any type of furniture.

Painting fabric chairs instead of re-upholstering...I thought it was going to be a mess and I was WRONG.

d i y d e s i g n:I could Get addicted to this. Step by step instruction for how to re-upholster furniture. Best tutorial I have seen yet.

sew your own organizing bins!

Tension rods to hold & organize shoes. so smart!

Blooming Monogram

need it! I do this for a living and will tell you that these charts are about 15% off. Keep in mind that these are 54" plain estimates. If you have a repeat, you need to factor at least 20% more. Velvet or any fabric with a nap is NOT a plain fabric, so factor in 10% more. Just some pointers from your friendly upholstery workroom.

Fabric guide, how much do you need? - could come in handy

Navy Blue Upholstery Fabric Paint

How to reupholster a chair from

fabric flowers

DIY painted couch - using water-based stain

The tack strips are then flipped over to pull the back panel taut and make clean, straight edges. The tacks are hammered into the frame with a hammer that has a piece of batting secured around the head.

Upholstered headboard shapes explained. Sound like a pro when you're talking to your upholster!

Framed Fabric as Wall Art --for in the guest bath & guest room

Another great furniture re-fab to get your creative juices flowing! The ReUstore is the best place to find any type of furniture you want to transform. Visit and see for yourself!

Coffee table turned ottoman. Good tips for my piano bench! #furniture #upholstering

Caribbean Blue Upholstery Fabric Paint

Fabric decoupage on painted chest...or use wrapping paper or book pages or wallpaper.