a calculator to determine how much soil you need for your raised garden. Just type in the measurements and it tells you how much you need.

Art Tips for a Raised-Bed Vegetable Garden. This will keep the good soil in the box where it belongs. Home Garden Television spring-flowerbeds

Irrigation System for Raised Garden

raised garden beds soil mixing in wheelbarrow

Constructing Raised Bed Gardens

cinder-block raised beds

How To: Raised Garden Bed Series

Raised Garden Bed Layers // The Fresh Exchange (cardboard, mulch, soil)

raised bed's

Aquacorner Raised Bed Soaker Systems (drip irrigation plus raised bed corner in one)

Using crates for raised beds without having to build anything. Urban Gardens

raised bed

How to Build a Perfect Raised Bed + 8 more raised bed ideas

Raised garden beds pattern

How to Build a Super Easy Raised Bed Our veggie garden was raised -- soooo much easier to weed, harvest, etc., and was (sorta) a deterrent to the doggies walking thru!


Soil Mix for Raised Beds

ideas for raised bed garden

Leafmaster Leaf Blower and Vac

Copper tape around raised beds to keep slugs out.