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  • Mary Beth Goeggel

    This should be posted on BIG SIGNS anywhere a child plays sports!!

  • Donni Nunkovich

    This should be posted anywhere a child plays sports!! NO kidding! parents ruin kids sports.

  • Heather Boiles

    This should be posted anywhere a child plays sports!! I want to get a shirt printed with these rules when my children play sports!

  • Lydia Traina

    This should be posted anywhere a child plays sports!! # Pin++ for Pinterest # Everyone needs to remember this and let it rest in your hometown! I've been sayin this for years!!!!

  • Lisa R Braddock Straka

    This should be posted anywhere a child plays sports! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!! Someone should mass produce these and get them posted at EVERY park and little league field.

  • Kay Gouge

    Wish every ball field had a sign like this.

  • Angela Jahnel

    This sign should be required at every kids' game. Parents need to chill out about kid's sports.

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