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They say that doing something the same way over and over and expecting a different outcome is a sign of insanity. Life is full of choices and it is those choices that will make the difference between a good or bad outcome and ultimately whither or not sanity becomes the master.

“I think Nesta feels everything-sees too much; sees and feels it all. And she burns with it.” Finally finished with Nessian! I finished this in-between reading EoS and I’m feeling a lot of things right now

i feel like im drowning and then i have 3 choices 1try as hard as i can 2 stop trying and let go and lastly 3 wait for someone to save me but that would be suicide if they didnt get me in time...

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Placing contingencies in a relationship

I really have to believe and trust this but especially in this time in my life through the storm I'm in God knows what He's doing and for good reason.