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Explore Blueberry Farm, Black Mountain, and more!

Blueberry Farm

Black Mountain


Earthly Delight






Monarch on tropical milkweed; Hop'n Blueberry Farm, Black Mountain, NC

Gardening Know Howfrom Gardening Know How

Pine Straw Mulch Uses – Learn About Pine Straw Mulch Application

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Tips On Using Pine Straw For Garden Mulch used when I lived in Florida was great

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finelaceandpearls: (via TumbleOn)

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love to cook with blueberries! :)

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Review: The Gardening Notebook from SchneiderPeeps | PreparednessMama

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....I want to chill here...


Making Soil Acidic: Tips For How To Make Soil Acidic

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Information On How To Raise Acid Level In Soil - For gardeners growing an acid loving plant, learning how to make soil acidic is important to its overall health. Learn how to make your soil more acidic in this article. Click here for additional information.