Can't believe I didn't know about this on youtube until today. WOW!! Songs/videos for every kindergarten concept under the sun!

sight word songs, very catchy

a whole youtube channel where classic childrens stories are read outloud. My kids love these!

Heidi Songs How I Taught My Kindergartners 125 Sight Words Again Song.jpg

An absolute favorite. My students beg to have it played at the end of the day while they are waiting for dismissal. It is very calming.

The Sight Word Song- (High-frequency word song/rap for kids) - YouTube

This is the coolest site ever!! Educational games for kids.

SO PERFECT for kindergarten!!! The B-D Song - for young children with letter reversals


K is for Kindergarten

Handwriting Without Tears' YouTube channel. Lots of songs and videos for learning along with the program! handwritingwotears

The best ABC song. My sons kindergarten class sang it at the end of the day, everyday.

Alphabet Workout Song!! Lots of fun :)

The Big Numbers Song

The Letter Sounds Song - great for sound practice! It is slower, so a good calming/learning one or circle time song

Great addition video for kindergarten with muppets.

The Long & Short Vowels Song ♫♪♫ - YouTube

skeleton dance the kids love love love it!


Criss-Cross Apple Sauce (song for sitting on the carpet w/ kids)